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How did the straw come into being?

Most of the straws we use now are displayed in a cylindrical, hollow image in front of us. Have you ever wondered how the straw was invented when you used it?
In 1888 Marvin Stone invented the straw. In the nineteenth century, Americans liked to drink cold, light liquor. In order to avoid the heat in their mouths lowering the freezing temperature of the liquor, they drank it without their mouths. Instead, they drank it with hollow, natural straws, which were very easy to break, and which they carried themselves. Taste will also permeate wine. At that time, an American cigarette manufacturer, inspired by cigarettes, made a paper straw. He was Marvin Stone. After drinking, it is found that the paper sucker is neither cracked nor oddly tasted.
Since then, people not only use straws when drinking light liquor, but also extend to other cold drinks like to use paper straws. Later, plastic was invented, and the colorful straw was replaced by the paper straw.

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