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What is PLA biodegradable straws

PLA biodegradation straw

Polylactic acid PLA is a kind of novel bio-plastics, as early as 1932 in the United States dupont scientists WaIIace Carothers polymerization of lactic acid in the vacuum, the low molecular weight polymer, but due to the high cost of production, until 1987, the United States large-scale agricultural enterprises Cargill company started investing in research and development of new manufacturing process, poly (lactic acid) (PLA) currently Cargill's NatureWorks company Polylactic acid (PLA) is the world's first industrial production enterprises, the production capacity is about 140000 tons.In China, zhejiang haizheng has established the first domestic production line with an annual output of 5,000 tons of polylactic acid through cooperation with the Chinese academy of sciences.

Because polylactic acid materials are both biodegradable and biocompatible, it accounts for 42% of the market in all biodegradable plastics.In addition to the properties of biodegradable, the main advantages of polylactic acid include good mechanical properties and its material sources. The main sources of polylactic acid materials are corn and other plant starch. Compared with the physical properties of other conventional plastics, the mechanical properties of polylactic acid are basically similar.

Using polylactic acid biodegradable PLA biodegradable material production of straw technology research project started in 2005, my company after years of effort has made a series of large, on the premise of guarantee product features constant development of the various specifications and varieties of series of straw, straw products of various physical properties is increased gradually, look and function and conventional polypropylene materials production of straw is very close, good gloss and transparency, and has the advantages of safety, hygiene, antibacterial.

Given the straws of poly (lactic acid) (PLA) material source for a wide variety of plant starch, substrate material source is very extensive, in crude oil prices, oil storage under the environment of gradual failure, in addition has the extremely important environmental protection advantage, also has the obvious social benefits, and is expected to gradually replace the traditional polypropylene in the near future drinking straw.

As Biodegradable Materials is mainly from natural high polymer or types of polyester as the substrate, use of renewable natural resources, such as microbes, plants, animals, made of a polymer, its material in the production of Biodegradable straw products in general atmospheric environment and storage warehouse will not decomposition, only enough humidity, temperature, and the appropriate microbial conditions, in the natural landfill or compost environment after 45 days or so can be microbes into H20 and our fleet.

The decomposition of biodegradation straws has two stages: decomposition via hydrolysis reaction followed by microbial decomposition.Hydrolysis occurs first in the natural environment, and then microorganisms enter the tissue and break it down into carbon dioxide and water.Under compost conditions (high temperature and high humidity), the hydrolysis reaction can be completed easily and the decomposition rate is faster.In the environment where hydrolysis reaction is not easy to occur, the decomposition process is gradual and the decomposition cycle will be extended accordingly.

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